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Five Reaons Not to use Live View in a Camera

Battery power – why waste it?

Using Live View drastically shortens the time you’re able to use your camera on its batteries, unless you plug it in to a charger. As new images constantly have to be rendered on the screen – many frames per second and often a high brightness – this easily drains your batteries.

Accuracy? – I don’t think so…

What Live View shows cannot in any way reflect what the viewfinder shows, nor how your subject really looks. A lot of times you can be lead into believing that colors, brightness and even sharpness is correctly tuned – after taking the picture you see that none of this corresponds to what was taken.

Unnecessary icons and information

A display is usually cluttered with icons, information and lots of other things that really can disturb when taking photos. A good viewfinder has all the information placed outside the actual image, and only the focus is actually shown.

Stability is lost

Imagine yourself holding your camera so that you can see the Live View. This requires most people to hold the camera away from the body and head to be able to see anything. Although you might be holding with two hands there is still a lack of stability and you will often encounter unsharp images – simply due to shaking. Looking through a viewfinder eliminates this as your head is helping to keep the camera stable.

You have to look cool when taking photos!

Look at someone taking a picture using the Live View and compare it with someone who is using the viewfinder. Go figure, viewfinder is a lot cooler. End of discussion.