My name is Douglas Stridsberg;
I can help you establish yourself on the web. — the Swedish portal for studies in the U.S. — the Swedish portal for studies in the U.S.

As I’ve previously worked with EducationUSA, a global network of advising centers for higher education in the U.S., I was contacted by the Embassy of the United States in Stockholm […]

Mö – entertainment site

Mö – entertainment site

Möllangruppen asked me to re-build their entertainment site about Möllevångstorget in the southern Swedish town Malmö, Mö The site was to be built from scratch using WordPress as a content management system […]

Pegasus – school newspaper

Pegasus – school newspaper

Together with a bunch of good friends at my high school, we started the school’s first newspaper in a long time: Pegasus. I was put in charge of essentially all […]

The Past, Present and Future of the DotA Genre

With the upcoming release of the much anticipated Dota 2, the future of the DotA scene is all but uncertain. Will games like Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and League of […]

New Design and Backend

As of this weekend, this blog now sports a brand new design as well as the WordPress software! After a week of careful planning and researching themes and plug-ins, I […]

What is a Kext?

A common misconception seen on a lot of places is that a .kext file is some sort of driver for the Mac OS. That is not entirely true – the […]