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New Design, Finally

After weeks and weeks of editing localhost copies, troubleshooting CSS and other rendering problems, accidently removing a database (which I had a backup of, but anyway), pure coding, browser testing (and not so much frustration over IE-rendering) and a lot of researching and inspiration… I finally present to you a design which I for once am happy with – my new blog design.


What does this new release bring to you?

  • A brand new and refurbished front-end design with focus on usability and simplicity – new fonts add to the Web2.0 impression.
  • A print- and handheld stylesheet designed for simplicity and readability – clear fonts, less graphics and a more fluid design.
  • Nintendo Wii-inspired buttons put in place for usability and simplicity.
  • A little more intelligent backend with less load-times and better compression.
  • jQuery integration for simple effects and the main content-slider at the front-page.
  • Google-powered search.
  • Clean code, clean CSS and clean RSS-feeds – one feed for every category adds simplicity and readability.


This has all been a lot of work for me, but I feel this is the first time I have actually had an idea all the way through. One idea being applied all through the process of the design. I’ve read e-books and gathered inspiration from interesting sources. And all this has resulted in something which I am very proud of showing you today.

I hope you like it almost as much as I do!