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How to Install uTorrent Skins

This is something that should be so easy as downloading the skins themselves is easy as pie. I have found a very simple method of completing this.

First of all you need the skin itself. It can be found on several places, but most notably on the uTorrent site itself. Go there and find yourself a nice looking skin, and make sure it’s called toolbar.bmp when downloaded!

Open up an Explorer window (or simply open up My Documents or any other folder) and type %AppData%uTorrent in the adress bar. Paste the toolbar.bmp file here!
The only thing you need to do is restart (or open) uTorrent and voila! Your new skin is there!

Have fun, and comment if you find any good skins out there!

7 replies on “How to Install uTorrent Skins”

i’m having a little problem understanding, is there anyway you can do screen shots of this, please?

I’m afraid I can’t at the moment, no. I’d rather see that you tried following the guide step-by-step and see what you end up with!

It’s not that difficult, actually – all you do is to open your My Documents, click the address bar (the only text area you can type in except for the search bar – located in the top area of the window) and type the following:


Copy this directly or type it, it will not matter. When pressing Enter you will be taken to a folder where you should paste your toolbar.bmp file.

Thank you so much – please try to get this on the utorrent page – I couldn’t have done it without this!

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