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Left 4 Dead Hamachi LAN gaming without Steam

Another article in the series about doing LAN-gaming with Hamachi! This time I am covering Left 4 Dead, the much talked-about and highly anticipated new game based on the Source engine.
This guide only corresponds to the pirated version of the game!


Download, using a torrent client, this file and follow the instructions in the ReadMe. They should be fairly straightforward and only involve overwriting two or three files and editing an .ini file.

Make sure Hamachi is the primary network on your computer. This is generally, whenever using Hamachi, a good idea! If you run XP this is how you do it (courtesy of Random Repository):

Reconfigure your XP’s Network connections to make it detect Hamachi first. Go to All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network Connections. Go to the menu > Advanced > Advanced Settings. Put Hamachi on top of the list.

For all players involved, please make sure you are opening the game with the extra -console startup parameter! Your parameters can be found in the .bat-file you’re using to start the game.


  • For the Hoster
    • In the console, type in sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 and ip (the IP your computer has from Hamachi). This is to open your computer up to connection attempts at the default ports by only other Hamachi users.
    • Now type map and select in the drop-down list which map you’d like to start.
      When all this is done, all you have to do is type net_start and you’re on your way!
  • For the Players
    • Copy the hoster’s IP address and type connect (the IP address) inside the console!

Hopefully it should work as good for you as it worked for me! Let me know (by comment) if it worked or not!

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What a rocking put up man – thanks! And excellent blog web site theme BTW. It seems to be a bunch like a wordpress blogging site however I do know it’s blogenegine and it’s completely distinctive. Where did you acquire it?

@Fran: it is actually WordPress. I was running ExpressionEngine previously but decided to make the switch a number of months ago.

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