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Buying a Dist-Pedal for the Guitar

The past day or so I have been actively browsing my favorite music-apparel shops in search for a dist- and overdrive-pedal for my guitar.
I currently own a Peavey BANDIT 112 amp at 80W, a wonderful amp with a lot of customization and an unbeatable sound quality. But, but, but… It lacks the kind of distortion I am looking for… The roaring kind of dist, lifting the whole room when you strike that power chord…

The amp

The BANDIT 112 in all glory – it is truly a fantastic amp – but it has a pretty dull and compressed distortion. That particular type is suitable for some songs, but I want more!
So therefore I am, as stated, looking for distortion pedals in the range of -$60 USD. That might sound as very little, but as I am selling my old effect-box for about that amount.

I have mainly been looking at the Behringer HD300 Heavy Distortion pedal. It looks amazing, I just hope it sounds as amazing!