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Google SearchWiki

Was surprised to see that there suddenly were two buttons alongside my Google results – “Promote” and “Remove”.
Did some research about it, and this is what I found: Google SearchWiki on Blogspot.

Sounds interesting, does it not?

What is Protectionism?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the soon-to-become President of the USA, Barack Obama, and his views on “protectionism”. Protectionism has been by the republicans labeled as ‘dangerous’, and most people believe this has a negative effect on developing countries. I decided to do some research on the subject and this is the small amount of information I came up with!

Protectionism is a political set of measures put in place to protect one’s countries companies and farmers from competition. It is also a general view on how trade with developing countries work and how it affects domestic economy. That’s a shortened and pretty basic explanation, but it is generally what protectionism is about.
Why would one want to limit export from other countries? Developing countries can cheaply produce food and commodities, therefore exporting it at a highly competitive price. This can prove lethal to domestic factories and farmers whom rely on being able to sell their products at a higher price.
Take the European farmers as an example. They are subsidized by the European Union (EU) to produce meat and dairy products. They overproduce, sell it to European countries at extreme prices, earning a lot of money. The surplus products are sold at dumped prices to the developing countries, again resulting in great profits to Europe.
Protectionism claims that if we introduced competition into the European market it would drain the farmers, eventually killing them all (not literarily speaking). So by setting up trade barriers (often in the form of tariffs) and limiting developing countries possibilities to export to us, we keep farming (and extreme pricing) alive.

This is what a lot of people are worried about when it comes to Barack Obama’s, as well as the Democrats, politics. I hope this short article gave you a slight insight into the matter, as it definitely gave me a lot to research about it!

Windows 7 – why redesign Paint?

Welcome to another one of my rants. This time it’s about Windows 7 and it’s about the redesign of applications like Paint and Wordpad.

Have a look at these two pictures: and

Isn’t that just the most annoying thing you’ve ever seen? Microsoft has decided to use the same horrible interface and GUI from Office 2007 inside Paint and Wordpad. Seeing who these two rather useless but oldschool programs are being raped by Microsoft’s design architects is outright sad! Paint has looked the same way since the birth of Windows 95 and so has Wordpad.

The Office 2007-look they’re about to get will decrease efficiency, usability (finding features is a pain), and overall popularity. Paint will lose it’s “oldschool”-status and Wordpad… Well Wordpad will still be the useless replacement for Word, but it won’t be just as cool!

I can imagine people already now taking copies of their mspaint.exe‘s to be sure to not lose them. I know I am, at least!

The Tunguska Event

Recently I did some further research on this fairly creepy subject, the so-called Tunguska Event, finding a lot of information, pictures and accounts on what happened on that June morning of 1908.
To summarize somewhat, an explosion occurred in the skies over Siberia. It was caused by the impact and breakup of a large meteorite, at an altitude of roughly six kilometers, in the atmosphere.

What is it about this that intrigues me? The mystery, the pictures, the descriptions, the theories… Everything!
Just like I love reading about things like the Bermuda Triangle and the “Silverpilen”, I loved reading about this rather unusual happening. The fact that the meteorite (or asteroid) knocked a good 2,150 square kilometres (830 square miles) of trees down and that the power of the impact measured to be a thousand times that of the Hiroshima bomb, adds to the immensity of the thing that came towards earth at a speed of 10-12km/s one morning.

I’ve gathered some links you might find useful, if you’re even half as interested as I am (and if you’re still reading).

New Domain Name!

All this happened very quickly – this morning I decided to buy myself a new domain name – I’m just going to keep this short – the feeling of having an own domain name is nothing short of wonderful.
I am already loving it. My pagerank will take some time to update – but when it does it will be there, forever! I am thinking of keeping this domain name for a long time.

A Side Project: Zippo Lighters Forum

Just want to quickly shout out a little something to my current side-project, a so called Zippo-lighters forum.
You can, based on the name, guess what it’s about (if you can’t guess, it’s all about lighters, more specifically Zippo ones), but there is so much more to it than just that.

It includes a trade and request section, where you can get your lighter sold or just request that very special lighters you’ve been searching for for ages.
In the show-off section you can show the world you’re very own lighter(s) (for you collectors there is a collectors area) and get them rated and commented on.
Use the troubleshooting section to get fast and qualified help with your lighter, there aren’t any problems that can’t be solved!

The big goodie here is the ability to upload images of your lighters and collections to the Gallery. You get a few MB’s freely for you to use for attachments in posts and uploads to the Gallery, isn’t that just awesome?

Zippo Lighters Community board is built on the latest bulletin-technology from Invision with SEO-friendly URLs and handy javascript and AJAX features, which makes it one of the most modern and easily useable places to discuss lighters. Give it a try today and be one of the first members of this potentially popular community!

Register at the community forum today and reap the many benefits you get access to!

Google Maps and Streetview

Google Maps. Streetview. One very well-known name. One slightly less known name. Two names with a great potential and with jaw-dropping features!

Google Maps has been around for a long time now. It’s just like Google Earth only it has slightly less features and is browser-based. It’s the good old zoom-in-on-any-place concept which so many other companies have taken over.
A few months ago, however, Google launched their new eye-candy – the Streetview. This is basically a vast database of imagery taken from a car driving around the States, with pictures from nearly every big city and road.
When in the Streetview-view you can pan the camera around 360° as well as zoom in on the current view. Whenever you want to go down/up the street you just click on the conveniently placed markers on either side of the screen.

You should have a go at it, trust me you will be pleased!
Streetview Man