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A Side Project: Zippo Lighters Forum

Just want to quickly shout out a little something to my current side-project, a so called Zippo-lighters forum.
You can, based on the name, guess what it’s about (if you can’t guess, it’s all about lighters, more specifically Zippo ones), but there is so much more to it than just that.

It includes a trade and request section, where you can get your lighter sold or just request that very special lighters you’ve been searching for for ages.
In the show-off section you can show the world you’re very own lighter(s) (for you collectors there is a collectors area) and get them rated and commented on.
Use the troubleshooting section to get fast and qualified help with your lighter, there aren’t any problems that can’t be solved!

The big goodie here is the ability to upload images of your lighters and collections to the Gallery. You get a few MB’s freely for you to use for attachments in posts and uploads to the Gallery, isn’t that just awesome?

Zippo Lighters Community board is built on the latest bulletin-technology from Invision with SEO-friendly URLs and handy javascript and AJAX features, which makes it one of the most modern and easily useable places to discuss lighters. Give it a try today and be one of the first members of this potentially popular community!

Register at the community forum today and reap the many benefits you get access to!

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I’ve just registered to say your site is very useful and nicely done!
Thank you very much for your work.


Sorry for offtopic.

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