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Google Maps and Streetview

Google Maps. Streetview. One very well-known name. One slightly less known name. Two names with a great potential and with jaw-dropping features!

Google Maps has been around for a long time now. It’s just like Google Earth only it has slightly less features and is browser-based. It’s the good old zoom-in-on-any-place concept which so many other companies have taken over.
A few months ago, however, Google launched their new eye-candy – the Streetview. This is basically a vast database of imagery taken from a car driving around the States, with pictures from nearly every big city and road.
When in the Streetview-view you can pan the camera around 360° as well as zoom in on the current view. Whenever you want to go down/up the street you just click on the conveniently placed markers on either side of the screen.

You should have a go at it, trust me you will be pleased!
Streetview Man