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Call of Duty (5): World at War LAN Hamachi Co-Op Fix

Here is a short guide, put together with help of some but mainly myself, on how to be able to play Co-Op with your friends over Hamachi.
You do not need any dirty settings, you do not need to disable your firewall, you do not even need to be able to ping your friends over the Hamachi network! Here’s how:


Download an older version of Hamachi, preferably version It can be found at FileHippo. Install it, and do not bother with the license notifications and all that. Make sure you have the new Hamachi executable in your firewall exception list (if you’ve had it there before, it should still be there)!
Connect to your regular network and meet up with your friends.


Go to GameCopyWorld (GCW), select a mirror, search for world at war and find it, and in the list of patches and fixes, download the LAN fix #1. Use the downloaded patch to patch your current .exe file, and make sure it creates a backup of it (the option is a checkbox).


Open up the newly patched .exe (not the […]mp.exe file), and host a co-operative game. Please, make sure PunkBuster is turned OFF, both in your Options > Game Options and your Game Setup (inside the Lobby).
Tell your friends to search for the server and make sure they have Source set to LAN. Connect, play, and have fun!


If you can not get this working, try fiddling with your Firewall settings (maybe even try disabling it) and try playing with the in-game menu. Also the Hamachi settings might be of interest.
If nothing works, try letting the hoster host without the patched .exe and all the others connect with the patched .exe.

Also, according to a commenter, Ratza, it is important that the hoster runs his game as an Administrator by right-clicking on the shortcut and pressing Run as administrator!

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You can try using a newer version, however I got it working with the older version, so I am assuming it works better.

Give the new one a try, though! Interesting to hear about!

My friend and I couldn’t get this to work… if the auth servers are down does that affect this method? Its a real pain when we can’t play at all because they can’t keep servers running.

uum… i did everything but i cant connect to my friends server. when i go into the “source:LAN” part, no server pops up. is it my hamachi settings that i neeed to change or something else?

Ik had geen moeite om Cod 4 in the all seeing eye of X-fire aan het werk te krijgen.Maar Cod 5 lukt me niet..Ook niet in een andere game tracker.En ik word helemaal geschuffeld van het handmatig IP nrs intypen met zoveel volle servers.
10 min. of meer is geen uitzondering…:(
DUS…Is er iemand die mij kan uitleggen waarom het niet “gewoon” met X-fire lukt (via een “private sever site” zoals Cod 4 ) of hoe je Cod 5 dan wel in the all seeing eye toe moet voegen?
Of is hamachi het best? Of…?


OMG…Forgot this one was English 🙂

As said before…
I never had a problem adding Cod 4 to the all seeing eye, or clicking on a X-fire icon at a private server site.
But i dont manage either way with Cod 5.
And typing IP nrs manually in the console freaks me out with so many full servers 🙁 10 min or more is no exception 🙁
Can someone please explain me how to add Cod 5 in the all seeing eye?
Or why the “normal” X-fire way doesn not work?
Or should i switch to Hamachi? (Would i have to add the game there in such a complicated way as in the “all seeing eye” ?) Or…?


“help”, you need to try switching around who’s hosting and who’s not. Make sure the one hosting isn’t hosting with the LANFix and that the other one is.

haha, sorry about the name, i thought it was meant to be the title.
umm… yeah we tried laning with 3 people. my friends hosting it, and it worked for them and for some reason, it wont work for me. any other ideas?
Thanks for the help though.

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I totally Agree with u,i really appreciate your posting,such a nice thinking.thanks for giving us such a nice information.

hey guys 😉

well.. I tried to play it… not through the hamachi but direct lan cable… between 2 laptops…


“uum… i did everything but i cant connect to my friends server. when i go into the “source:LAN” part, no server pops up. is it my hamachi settings that i neeed to change or something else?”

if u have vista… to fix it u have to turn on the game in administrator’s acount… so right click on the shortcut and press: “Run as administrator”… that’s especially important when it comes to the host computer… 🙂

Daniel, it does work for a big majority of people. As I’m getting around 100 visits each day since I posted this article and only a handful of people have replied asking for help I am assuming it’s working pretty good actually.

Any by the way, there is no reason to take your anger out on a webpage, I’m sure you can figure out better ways of doing that 🙂 .

čau,muzu se zepat chi rozchodit cod 5 pres hamachi jak to tady ctu tak si mam stahnou starsi verzi hamachi a lanfix 1.7. kdyz nemam originalku a pak by to melo jit na 100 %ˇ-) ???dekuju

It only works whit
i tried it with the newest and i can’t see any servers


I got also some sort of problem. maby some one here can help me.

I am trying to run a cod5 co-op via a hamchi bitween 2-3 computers. I have hamachi on. I can ping and chat with the other(‘s) and enz. in the game I can succesfully host a game. and so. the other(‘s) can see my server. but when they join it says something like : ‘game session is no longer availible.’

some info (maby) of intrest:
2 of 3 comps use a wireless connections (those who are ment to join the server)
1 of 3 comps uses a LAN directly to a router
this comp must by any means be the host!
we are also using version 1.5 (cracked) of cod5.
hamachi’s version is at least the latest of hamachi 2. (I can’t find which version)
and all are using a LANfix for 1.5.

this I tryed.
changing te metric thing (which disabeld the internet which is bad)
I also tryed tunggle but that turns out that it can’t find the network cable or something.

as far as I know I have everything set right. I followed loats of instuctions on the internet, and all whare failing. I also tryed of hamachi but it had even worse trubble…

other games (whare you can enter the IP to join a server, most of them) work fine. also is thare a way to join a game in cod5 based on IP.
so just entering the IP. and not truogh te browser.


Is there any hamachi by version of that is not with time.I need it give me a link to download.tnx
your comments always work.

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