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Call of Duty (5): World at War Fix for the No Profile Error

Have you been trying to start the game, only to see that there are no profiles for you to choose? Does nothing happen when you try to start a new game? Are you unable to save your controls and graphics settings?

You’ve most likely been a victim of a recent bug with some Call of Duty: World at War installations – no singleplayer/co-op profile is created upon installation. There is an easy fix for this, however!

Steps for Windows XP

Go into C:Documents and SettingsYourProfileApplication Data (a hidden folder, you may need to type it manually into the address bar)Activisionplayersprofiles.
Create a folder and name it whatever you want. Now create (still in profiles) a .txt document and name it active.txt. Inside that document, type the exact name of the folder you just created.

Steps for Windows Vista

Go into C:UsersYourProfileLocal SettingsApplication Data (a hidden folder, you may need to type it manually into the address bar)Activisionplayersprofiles.
Create a folder and name it whatever you want. Now create (still in profiles) a .txt document and name it active.txt. Inside that document, type the exact name of the folder you just created.
Make sure you’re doing this with administrator rights, as otherwise Vista likes to be annoying and hide some files from you, essentially making you overwrite files that “do not” exist.

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The dir “activision” does not exist for me. I followed the path, tried search, but it doesn’t show up.
any suggestions?

he typed it wrong! it should be x:usersUrProfileLocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionplayersprofiles

and the Local Settings Folder is hidden!

still, i dont have the ACTIVISION folder in application data. i tried to force it by clicking on “online profile” as some forums say, but no luck. help pleasE!

Windows XP right location is:

C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMELocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionCoDWaWplayersprofiles

thanks for the help did exactly what u said and it worked perfectley thanks….btw luke ACTIVISION isnt in appdata its in local setting

when i start it, it comes up with an error that says
“could not find zone C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty – World at Warzoneenglishpatch.ff”
maybe you could just email me the file that’s missing? thanks a ton!

i tried doing what it said and put active.txt file with profile name, but when i go to the game, it still asks me to create a online profile i type it in and just keeps doing that same thing over and over asking for profile name, any suggestions?

Are you using Vista, terry?
If you are, try disabling the UAC (User Account Control) during the time when you update the file – Vista is known to sometimes not really overwrite the file after you’ve saved it…

no im using windows xp, i deleted all the other folders and just keep the profiles one with the folder i created and the active txt, but when i go to the game asks me to create a online profile, and when i go back to the folder there other profiles in there again which i deleted

when I try to open application data it says: Application Data is not accessible. Access is denied.

what should I do? I use Vista



Then create the folder playersProfiles

In the newly created folder ‘profiles’ create a new folder naming it whatever you want to call your profile.
Now still in the profiles folder create a .txt a name it active. Inside the new txt type the name of the new folder your created. Save and close. Done

Can anybody please help me?
I have an internet connection but I cant do “Online” in COD 5 multiplayer or co-op. I am not able to create an online profile.
Please reply to my e-mail adress:
Thanks 🙂

I’m having the same problem as wright0776.

“could not find zone C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty – World at Warzoneenglishpatch.ff”

Can anyone please give me a hand with this? much appreciated.

This works perfectly for soloplay but when trying to play coop or online it goes back to the same problem. Anyone have a solution for that?

somebody please help me! i did everything in the list and im usin xp NO GOOD..[im usin XP alredy and seriously im pissed off..] and if its important for fixing it.. im usin a fake disk[burned disk] ty for any helpers

still having profile setup problems…i’ve recently reformatted and have fresh install of xp sp3, reinstalled cod 5 and followed steps for xp creating my own active.txt document and everything. Not sure if this is it…but i have legit copy, but lost original key …used keygen….could that be the problem? if so…i’m SOL …i’ve updated punkbuster…thought of getting all the patches again..but not sure if that would do any good since can’t create a profile…sucks…before i reformatted was my favorite game 4 level prestiage…please help!

Heyy ppl well i got to levle 39 and so colse to getting new things on cod 5 than i quit when i started playing multyplayer again it came up on a profile aka-vader and all my stuff was gone plz help me or e-mail me


IDK if is this this … First sorry for my english.

1 week ago I buy this game CoD WaW. And play with multiplayer normaly … and yesterday I am reinstall my Windows 7 … and now I can’t play with Multiplayer anymore .. what the hell I must to do?! Please help me :(.

Oh, and problem is here … I can’t create my Account anymore. I use same Account, and doesn’t work. What I should to do?! 🙁

sorry mate ur jus gonna have to use not winsows 7 or find some patches or u even can report to good game

i did what solo187 tell to do but it doesn’t work… what should i do? please help me… i’m vista

Solution for ERROR: Could not find zone ‘C:Program Files (x86)ActivisionCall of Duty – World at Warzoneenglishpatch.ff’

Go to the exact location hat is in the error messaeg copy & paste “pby_fly_load.ff” in the same location, rename the copied file to “patch.ff’…. start the game & enjoy

hey man..i dont know u r alive or not..but thankss alot for this freaking little idea..!

first of all , i am using windows XP, i wanted to play a nazi zombie mode with my friends, it says i need online profile for playing cooperative , so i followed instructions up here, i made everything you said and whenever I join the game, it asks me: You need to have online profile for playing cooperative or multiplayer, do you wanna make online profile now? and always like that , and i cannot make the profile , and whenever i delete the old profile , and make now as here, it always delete my active.txt and make again same old profile,, please help.. i need it badly 🙁


1.Download 1.1 patch.
2.Type into google “world at war ip”
3.Click a website saying something about private servers
4. Open up multiplayer/co-op, and press the “~” key
5. Type into the bar “connect ___________”    Underline is where the ip goes of the server you want.
6.  Ta-da!

xp it is and has always been (C<-replace with your drive letter):Documents and Settings(whateveryourusernameisLocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionCoDWaW –
dwx – MCP

please help me?   I have an internet connection but I cant do “Online” in COD 5 multiplayer or co-op. I am not able to create an online profile.
Please reply to my e-mail adress:
Thanks 🙂

i have 2 problems with my cod waw.
1st, i cant play solo. i click on new game, select my difficulty level but nothing happens.
2nd, when im playing coop on LAN, the map gets stuck on the loading part.
and can you play online with a copied game? cuz my cod waw is copied 😀
please help!

solo187 i did everything u said and it worked only partially………… i see my name but it says offline by it n wen i try to put it online it disappears

Hey, I re-installed my copy of WaW after it continued to crash non-stop. Now that I re-installed it, it won’t allow me to create a profile, and I can only play singleplayer. Also, when I tried some of the fixes, I couldn’t locate Application Data OR Local Settings, even though I’m the Administrator. I’m using Vista. Can anyone help me? Email:

Hey, i was wondering how to make a server on cod5 (internet) because i asked all the people that have made the servers they made them on dedicated:NO and when i do that no one joins my server and when I press TAB on bottom right it said listen server what does that mean and how do i make my own server on the internet?

ok i downloaded a patch 1.6 and it doesnt allow me to create an online profile it says you need an online profile to play online games Would you like to create a profile now? and i did it said creating…. and it keeps on repeating HELP

Hey Vikaar, you have to run the game one time then exit itl then go look for Activision. it only shows up after u have ran the game… lol

I did it exact as you said and it worked but but when i (restart) the GAME it asks again to make an online profile and i say ofcourse NO, CANCEL.. and then all settings get restored also the key code, resolution and no profile to see. He creates a profile called $$$ does not matter what i do i can delete the whole map from players and out but he still creates his own shit and every time i restart the same process with create online profile enter key code goes again and again…. so what to do looks like no solutions at all, he does as he wants and basta? Have tryed this for weeks now (any solution ???)

All i can say is that the game is a bit retarded in in some cases, and/or the producers ar so too :p
Take a look at the guy called (can i get help people?)
it is a problem with no sulotions i think and buying the game is also a retarded solution anyway!? Because much people are fixing this retarded problem!??!? PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO SHARE THEIR SUCESS WITH THE POOR PEOPLE THAT CAN’T FIX IT!!!

I have a fucking real version of the game, and yet, it doesn’t mother fucking work for me.
I am using Windows 7.

damn people, today it took me about 6 hours to make this PoC game work….. now i got this same error.. i finally found the Application Data place, but there is no Activision in there? woot?, also i was thinking “maybe i deleted the game, uninstalled”, but i can still run the singleplayer, all it says is the console bullcrap, and i cant go in, thats reasonable, also i can get into multiplayer, but it asks me about the damn online profile!!!!!!

I’ve played this game for more than 2 yrs and played online no problems. Now after formatting to windows 7 I can’t go online at all. I didn’t reinstall the game I had left it on a diff hdd from where the os was installed. This is very annoying any help from anyone?

go to run and type %appdata% on windows 7.. i should be there.. if your in roaming go back to app data and click local

On windows vista and 7 it’s actually C:UsersYOURPROFILEAppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWplayersprofiles

I did it but when I click ” Go Online ” it’s doing it again!

By the way I’m using Windows 7.

I have found the solution for Windows 7 

-Go to C:UsersYourProfileLocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionplayersprofiles and delete all the profiles there and create a folder and name it whatever you want Now create (still in profiles) a .txt document and name active.txt Inside that document, type the exact name of the folder you just created.

And the last step is to delete CodWaWmp.exe(It is in your game folder)

Hope I helped You 🙂

in windows 7
and do the same process as Vista

dudes, i had the same problem – it worked only once – , did that thing with appdata files but it kept changing back after i restarted game.

hi, i have figured it out.
you have to go to the folder
C:UsersXXXAppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWplayersprofiles    and now create 1 folder and name it “your name”  +  you need to create a .txt document in the same folder you createated your folder. the document need to be called “active” and inside the document type in the same name as the folder you just created, in other words 1 file and 1 folder (do not put the file inside the folder you created!!!)  🙂
happy gaming 🙂
(PS. this will reset/replace your saved profile and you start at level 1. and if this is not working then you download the file from this link!7z
and place it in the rigth foler, and now you can replace the name with your name) 🙂

Ok here’s my problem, I just unpatched my system from 1.6 back to 1.0 a couple of days ago and when I start up a server, and others try to connect suddenly forced to disconnect? I need help.

Guys there is no certain fix to this problem, the only solutions so far have worked for a minority. If none of them work for you here is what has been recommended on other websites:
Getting a cracked version
Getting a new disc
Forgetting about it and getting a refund

im not to sure exactly what fixed mine but i went into the game and tried to open online account it posted a bunch of player profiles in the folder so i copied active to all of them and put the folder name in the text document as described above.. also disabled internet and ran the game solo worked and so did the zombie levels and mods 🙂
now im testing with wifi back on to see if the internet is the issue but it shouldnt be since it has a crack for lan fix installed as well im going to give it a go and try and set up to a server 🙂 meet me online and good luck 🙂

so i think run the game with wifi / internet disabled first then restart and see if that i fixs the issue i believe it wont create the $$$ folder while its online :-0

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