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Trying out Leopard!

The past week or two has been spent on learning and getting used to Mac OS X 10.5.4, also known as Leopard. This is the major upgrade from Tiger, introducing a big load of new features, improvements and updates. Our family had an old PowerBook G4 lying around, and I thought it would be great to use it for my malicious experiment (bear in mind, it is not Intel but not too old! I believe it is one of the fastest PowerPC’s Mac ever made, laptop-wise).

I tried installing it by copying down the image onto an iPod and using it as a boot device, but hopelessly. The Mac wouldn’t recognize it as bootable, therefore eliminating all chances of ever booting from it (obviously).

However, I still knew I could use Dual Layer DVD’s (I just wanted to avoid mal-burning one of them and having to replace it), and that’s what I did. I burned the image onto one of the 25 duallayered DVD’s I was forced to buy and let it boot up.

The installation screen was familiar to me (as I’ve tried installing Leopard on PC’s several times) and I jumped through a dozen or so screens and finally started installing.
The install itself took perhaps an hour or so, and was fairly painless.

Now, before I go on writing about how Leopard behaves I must gather more intel, do more research and prepare myself. So, until then, stay tuned!