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Skype: Display Bandwidth Info during Calls

Skype, the modern free Voice Over IP calling software, is a great way of calling your friends and family and staying in touch. But for us who’d like something a little more advanced and technical, Skype lacks a lot of settings and options.
However, if you’re on the lookout for some pretty advanced statistics such as what codec and quality is being used, what pings you are getting and how much bandwidth you are using, there is a way!


Click Tools in the top menu then Options to open the Option-menu. In the left-hand part of the window, click Advanced and then Connection in the options that pop down under Advanced.
Check the box that says Display technical info during calls and call someone! Hover your mouse on the same part of the window where the Call and End Call buttons are and you should see a windows popping up telling you about what’s going on behind the scenes!

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