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New RAM on the Laptop! Easy!

Finished installing a new stick of RAM in my Lenovo laptop today, and I must say it was the easiest thing I have ever done!

The laptop itself is of the brand Lenovo and is called 3000 N200. It has an old dual-core processor (1.46GhZ per core?) and comes with two sticks of 512MB SO-DIMM DDR2 PC5300 RAM.
As I have been running Vista on it for a long time now, I felt that it absolutely needed a boost in the memory as Vista takes incredible amounts of memory while idling. So I took a bike-ride to a nearby computer store and bought myself a stick of the same specifications but with 2GB of memory.

I have never touched the insides of a laptop, neither have I ever needed to. After taking a quick look at the three different panels underneath, I immediately saw a little imprint of a chip beside the screw on one of them.
That must be the RAM, I thought, and after unscrewing 1 (one) screw I was ready to open the panel and have a look. So far so good, the sight of two sticks (one being pushed forward for viewing purposes) met my eyes and I was pleased.

This is too easy, I thought to myself. There’s gotta be some catch to it all. But there really was not. After releasing the overlying stick from it’s metal holders it flipped up at about 45° and was easy to remove.
The “art of inserting the stick of RAM” was basically just inserting it into the pins and applying pressure to the top, eventually clipping it back into the metal holders on the sides.

That was all I had to do and after putting the panel back in place I now enjoy 2,5GB’s of memory!