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Installing Windows 7 – What Works and What Doesn’t?

Currently I am in the process of installing Windows 7 Beta 1 – the new operating system shipped out by Microsoft. After acquiring the disc needed to install the Beta 1 version of the operating system I went through the fairly simple and Vista-like installation process and booted up.
Right now I am installing drivers and programs and testing whether these work or not. I will keep this post updated with my progress.

What doesn’t work?

  • SPTD (SCSI Pass Through Direct) does not seem to be installing properly. This prevents mounting software such as Daemon Tools from working.
  • The sidebar in XFire (social gaming client) is empty, and the sound notification doesn’t work.
  • Ventrilo (Voice-Over-IP software) seems to have problems with minimizing and opening other program while transmitting.

What works?

  • Steam (games provider) seems to work flawlessly. I am testing the games within Steam at this moment.
  • PowerISO (ISO-manager software) works well except from some issues with installation and registration.
  • Google Chrome (browser) doesn’t register as the default browser. Opening it with administrator rights fixes the problem.
  • WinRAR (archiving software) appears to work well, and extraction is actually fairly fast compared to XP and Vista.
  • Spotify (music streaming service) works fine.
  • uTorrent (torrent client) works well, giving just as fast speeds as in any other operating system.