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Facebook Usernames – Finally!

The clock ticks at 5:59, 6:00 and then reaches 6:01AM. What a thrill! The adrenaline pumping, the eyes flickering, the fingers rapidly pressing the keyboard trying to get that special username…

After trying /douglas and actually getting a message that the name was available – miliseconds later chaning status to taken – I finally rested my mind on /dstridsberg. Not too bad, but perhaps /douglas.stridsberg would have been better?

I don’t know, and I sure was way too fired up to think about anything else at the very moment…

I did, though, have a chat with the Douglas that received /douglas and in his timezone (6 hours behind mine) he only just had to stay up till 12AM (which isn’t that late considering its a Friday night). Life’s unfair – isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m still rather happy with my new facebook username, Douglas Stridsberg! Perhaps this will in some way or another favor my Google search rankings?