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ExpressionEngine 2.0 – When?

I just can not wait anymore. The long-awaited release of version 2 of the popular content-management-system software, ExpressionEngine, has been delayed, re-delayed and delayed again.
The first few notices said we were to expect a release during the summer of 2008. It is soon 2009 and nothing has been seen yet. Yes of course there have been rumors, previews and pictures of the sought-after release, but nothing concrete to satisfy the community.
I am not putting any blame, or any form of anger, on the EllisLabs team. They must do what they must do to get this out, and of course it can take longer time than expected… Very much longer time than expected.

2 replies on “ExpressionEngine 2.0 – When?”

I’ve never seen Expression Engine before. Why is it better then other CMS’s like drupal?

One thing I would do if I where you, is to make the comment icon on the frontpage a link to this Ajax comment box. I was having trouble finding it.


ExpressionEngine is, in my opinion, a lot cleaner and gives you so much more control of what is shown and how the code looks than what Drupal offers.

I could set it to this box, but that would be a bit troublesome… I’ll try 🙂 !

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