— the Swedish portal for studies in the U.S.

As I’ve previously worked with EducationUSA, a global network of advising centers for higher education in the U.S., I was contacted by the Embassy of the United States in Stockholm to create the Swedish portal for higher education in the U.S, I quickly identified the two most important aspects of the project — the content and the functionality. The content needed to be easy to read, quick to skim through, short and concise but at the same time thorough and detailed enough to satisfy a wide variety of audiences. The functionality needed to be such that the site was rich and compelling but also easy to navigate and quick to load.


Mö – entertainment site

Möllangruppen asked me to re-build their entertainment site about Möllevångstorget in the southern Swedish town Malmö, Mö The site was to be built from scratch using WordPress as a content management system to host their many different types of content: blogs, reviews, articles and galleries to name a few. In the planning phase I quickly realized this was not the traditional, every-day layout and that I would need to hand-craft modifications to allow WordPress to handle and present such a large amount of vastly different types of content. Despite purchasing a pre-made design for the front-end of the site, I spent a lot of time designing and re-designing different elements to meet the requests of the client.

URL: http://www.mö

The Grandstand Rugby 2011

Southern Sweden’s largest high school rugby tournament, The Grandstand Rugby, hired me to develop the online portal for the 2011 edition of the tournament. The portal website needed to combine a blog, content management system and news feed into one accessible and appealing package. For the back-end, I made use of WordPress combined with a number of 3rd-party plug-ins as well as my own customizations. The site needed to be managed by a wide variety of users with different privileges to create and edit content, and this was not by default possible with WordPress.