Pegasus – school newspaper

Together with a bunch of good friends at my high school, we started the school’s first newspaper in a long time: Pegasus. I was put in charge of essentially all design, typograhy, pre-print and production of the paper. Being a school newspaper directed towards young, modern people in the ages 16-19, Pegasus needed to boast both appealing aesthetics and high legibility to attract readers. It needed to stand out in the overwhelming information flow at the school and my task was needless to say challenging.

I made use of several different tools to produce the paper: InDesign for the pre-print, typography and overall structure, Illustrator for the vector graphic elements and Photoshop for the non-vector graphic elements. In the end, our collective work resulted in three printed editions of Pegasus and a fairly large crowd of readers.

Load On The Road – logotype work

Load On The Road was a local start-up from Sweden that had invented a new way of charging Apple products for those on the go: a charger drawing power from the movement of the wheel of a bike! To market this invention and their company, they asked me to design and produce a logotype for them. The design needed to convey the environmental friendliness, the mobility and the ingenuity behind the concept of the charger. It also needed to scale to incredible sizes in order to be printable on posters, banners, t-shirts and other materials: to achieve this, I designed the logotype in vector format (.svg) using InkScape.