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Organic Chemistry – Hydrocarbons


The study of organic chemistry is the study of the chemistry of carbon compounds. Not all carbon compounds are counted as organic, the rule excludes carbonates (x-CO₃), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO₂).
Hydrocarbons contain hydrogen (H) and carbon only. They are divided into groups such as alkanes, alkynes, alkenes and alcohols, and are homologous series. Homologous series are, accodring to tiscali.co.uk, “any of a number of series of organic compounds with similar chemical properties in which members can be described by a general formula and ofen differ by a constant relative molecular mass”.


Alkanes are, thanks to their purely single carbon bonds (C-C), saturated. Physical properties include low melting- and boiling points considering the molar mass. They do not conduct, have low densities and do not solve in water.


  • Methane – CHâ‚„
  • Ethane – Câ‚‚Hâ‚

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